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Life without

There’s somethings in life that we can learn only in pain. Even when our friends tell us what will happen if we do X, we won’t believe them until Y happens after X. And Y brings pain. We’re obstinate and we don’t accept any advice: I usually have to see with my own eyes.

Talking about the “life without…” I wish I have power to control the time. I’d still do exactly the same things, but I’d change one or two facts that were out of my hands: ’cause all the problems we really have to face are the things we can’t touch directly. If I could change those one or two facts, maybe my happiness would exceed the limits! Or maybe I would get desappointed with the outcome of my changes. Who can tell? I can only dream about the way the world would be…

Of course I’ll never reveal the facts, or what is that is missing in the line “life without…”. I bet a lot of you have guesses. I ensure you all that you’re far away from the true.

I don’t like to talk about some subjects, but at the same time I feel I need do talk about them. It’s paradoxal. The result is this kind of text, in which I don’t say nothing important but that makes me get rid of the necessity of talking about the real shit.

And, of course, I practice my english. I’d like to thanks Lucas and João, both helped me with the last text. I’m going to try to pass old texts to english. It’ll be a hard work.

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