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Look at it

One of my good friends has started a blog in english (check it out). His objective is to practice his writting. I’ve liked the idea so much, that I’ve decided to do the same. Thank you, man. Instead of creating a new blog, I’m going to use this one. So…

My english is limited. I don’t have much to talk cause I don’t know many words. I would like that you, from times to times, gave me feedback, like “hey, fool, you made a mistake there, the correct way is xxx”.

Today I’m going to escape from writting something elaborated. I guess I’ll do that every time, actually. hehehe. I need some confidence first.

It’s inaugurated then. Damn… What the hell am I doing?

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  1. June 22, 2006 at 11:42 pm

    Your english is very good, Robizito, and I say this for I remember that it hasn’t been long time you’re learning it. You’re in the way, my boy 😀

    So, as you asked for it, “I would like that you, from times to times, gave me feedback”, “give” doesn’t need to be in the past, as the modal “would” already points us that it is subjunctive – it’s not like in portuguese, right?


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